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Xbox’s latest safety feature lets you filter out offensive trash talk

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Xbox has a new community safety feature.

James Martin/CNET

Larry Hryb, a programmer at Xbox who’s also known as “Major Nelson,” has announced a new customizable message safety setting coming to the gaming platform. In a YouTube video Monday, Hyrb said Xbox Insiders would soon have more control over the type of content they see while gaming. The new setting will start rolling out in October in preview in 21 languages.

Once the setting starts rolling out, users can find it by selecting General > Network Settings > Online Safety and Family > Messaging Safety. Players can adjust the settings for the text in received messages and message requests, media in received messages and message requests, web links in received messages and whether you can view hidden content. 

“One thing that’s important to keep in mind, regardless of the filter selected, is that the feature was not created to limit the type of content you or your friends can post online,” Hryb said. “Rather, it gives you as the recipient the ability to customize your gaming experience so that you only see content based on your individual preferences.” 

Each section can be set to Friendly, Medium, Mature or Unfiltered. Friendly, the default setting for children’s accounts, detects and hides as much potentially offensive content as possible without interfering with “normal” speech or themes discussed in games, according to Hryb. Mature hides text that Hyrb said was almost always classified as harmful. Medium seeks to find the balance between Friendly and Mature– you can see friendly trash talk, but hateful words are hidden. Finally, Unfiltered lets everything remain visible. 

Hyrb said the setting works across Xbox apps on PC and mobile so your settings stay in place. 

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