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Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle production stopped over unknown problem

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It’s unclear what kind of problem H-D found, but it was enough to halt all production.


Something, somewhere is giving Harley-Davidson engineers and executives a real headache. Production of the motorcycle maker’s first electric motorbike the LiveWire, meant to guide the way for the company’s future, has come to a halt.

Reuters first reported on the Harley-Davidson LiveWire production stoppage on Monday, citing a “nonstandard condition” in the electric motorcycle and a problem in final quality checks.

A statement from a Harley-Davidson spokesperson said that the problem requires more testing and analysis, but the company did not provide specifics around what the “nonstandard condition” might be. For now, production and deliveries have ceased, though the company assured those who’ve taken delivery of a LiveWire that the motorcycle is A-OK to ride.

“As usual, we’re keeping high quality as our top priority,” the spokesperson said.

The LiveWire was meant to kick off a new chapter at Harley-Davidson as it looks to attract a new generation of motorcycle riders as its aging buyers begin to retire from the two-wheeled life. With plenty of tech, 105 horsepower and honest good looks, the LiveWire checks a lot of boxes. In our first ride, after a long time from concept to production, Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens found the electric Harley was well worth the wait.

Despite a push for new rides, Reuters additionally reported that the majority of LiveWire orders are from existing Harley-Davidson owners. At $29,799, the LiveWire is eye-wateringly expensive for a motorcycle.

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