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Google investing $150 million in renewable energy efforts – Video

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Now we are also gonna talk today about our work to create more sustainable products and processes.
Developing sustainable solutions to mass product and consumption is one of the biggest as we face today as an industry.
It impacts for all of us nd it will for generations to come.
We believe Google has both the ability and the responsibility to create systemic change.
As a company, we’ve been focused on sustainability for a long time.
Google’s operations have been carbon neutral since 2007.
And for the past two years, we’ve matched all of Google’s energy consumption.
With 100% renewable energy.
So today we are announcing that Google’s committing to invest another $150 million in renewable energy projects in key manufacturing regions.
Our investment alongside financial and manufacturing partners aims to catalyze $1.5 billion Of capital.
Now this will generate approximately same amount of renewable energy as the electricity used to manufacture made by Google products.
Now we’re excited to share with you how we build these principles into our products.
And here’s Ivy Ross, who leads our design team who’s gonna talk about some of our recent work in responsible manufacturing and design.
For years, we’ve been pushing what’s possible in design manufacturing and new materials.
We’ve been able to include recycled plastics in products like Chromecast and the new Stadia controller.
And today I’m happy to share that all of our Nest products launching in 2019 Include recycled plastics.
Instead of these materials ending up in the ocean or in landfill, we’re giving them a new life.
We’ve designed and engineered the fabric on our nest mini speaker so it’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.
A single half liter bottle, Produces enough textiles to cover more than two [UNKNOWN] And we didn’t compromise anaesthetics or function.
We created beautiful recycled fabrics and colors that blend into your home while [UNKNOWN] the same vigorous technical and acoustical requirements.
We continue to focus on products that empower people to reduce their own environmental impact as well.
Our Nest team has been at the forefront of these efforts since 2011.
And as of this month Nest thermostats have helped consumers save more than 41 billion kilowatts.
Hours of energy.
Enough to power all of Denver’s electricity needs for six years.

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