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Let's watch Google announce its Pixel 4 Smartphone and more

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We’ve known about Google’s Pixel 4 for months now. The phone leaked so badly that Google itself tweeted about it well before the announcement could arrive. Now, however, we’re live at the Made by Google event in NYC for the official revelation. We’re expecting the new phone, of course, as well as some other hardware and software surprises.

You can watch the livestream in the player embedded above and keep scrolling down as we go for live coverage of the event. We’ll have some early hands-on time with the new devices as well.

What we know so far

We already know that the Pixel 4 will have a 90 Hz screen that refreshes faster than the previous version and matches other high-end Android phones like the OnePlus 7 Pro. We also know the Pixel 4 will have facial recognition tech built-in. Oh, and it will come in an orange color.

Let’s get to the event…

Google is starting off with messaging about its general concept of “ambient technology.” This is a familiar concept that we’re hearing a lot about this year where technology is just around you at all times. “Technology works as a single system instead of a bunch of devices doing their own thing.” We know that Stadia, Google’s cloud-based gaming service, is coming on November 19th.

The $179 Pixel Buds are coming in Spring 2020 for $179.

The $179 Pixel Buds are coming in Spring 2020 for $179. (Stan Horaczek/)

Pixel Buds headphones

We’ve been waiting on Google’s answer to AirPods for a while and it’s here today. The Pixel Buds headphones have a long-range Bluetooth connection inside that will keep them connected across your yard or from three rooms away. They offer 5 hours of continuous listening and 24 hours with extra juice from the wireless charging case. Google put an emphasis on spatial awareness. The volume automatically adjusts depending on ambient noise and there’s a vent to prevent the suction seal feeling. They will enable advanced features like real-time translation and interactions with Google Assistant.

They’re $179 and they’re coming in spring 2020.

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