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Three home seltzer makers that’ll add sparkle to your life

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Sure, you probably aren’t going to want one of these just because you can use it to recarbonate flat beer. But unlike other carbonation machines, you can venture beyond water to add bubbles to cold tea, mixed drinks, beer, wine, and juice. You’ll get a 10-liter starter cylinder (a tank of CO2) with this purchase as well as a 1-liter carbonating bottle, but you’ll also want to buy a 60-liter cylinder to keep your seltzer supply flowing. Drinkmate makes its own cylinders, but this machine is also compatible with SodaStream 60-liter cylinders, which might be more convenient if you’re using a local store to exchange empty cylinders for full ones. There are no electrical components or batteries to worry about in this model. Just pump the fizz-infuser until you have the desired amount of sparkle for your tastes.

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